3rd Most important thing I’ve learned….

Well I’m an extreme procrastinator…like most are lol. I always push things off to the last moment. Even in blogging I would always wait until the last minute to cram a weeks worth of work into 1 day…not good! Well I’ve learned to space out my assignments and not let the build up to the point of collapsing! There are a few tools on WordPress and Blogger that allow you to time set your blogs…which Mr. Jones didn’t make aware of until the last week of class! In the long run it is always better to stay on top of things rather than take the quick fix way out in life…and that applies to blogging as well.


Learning to follow…

Following some would say is not good…but I’m talking about following those that you are connected to. For example we have 28 students in our Commercial Photography program and we all have accounts with the major blogging sites. Knowing people and following them may prove to help you or help them in the long run. Building friendship bonds with fellow photographers is a great tool to have under your belt…you may never know when you may need an assistant or a job connection that can’t help you. With today’s online presence and technology at your finger tips all that can quickly be solved. So following people via twitter or wordpress…may seem minimal and can have maximum affects that will help you if you work it right! So continue to shake the web!

Shaking the web….

Well to tell you the truth I’ve learned a few things in multimedia class. To start off…shaking the web makes a great deal of sense to me. Making a name for yourself is vital in today’s ever changing world. A presence on the web is just as important as having a social security number…I would say lol. Giving your audience something to view of yours and keeping them in the loop will help you with longevity in the photography world. We have plugged into all the main sources of blogging this quarter including Blogger, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Face Fan Page, Tumblr and Word press…which all of them have their unique ability to help you get your name out and shaking the web!

Join Tumblr!

Wow! Well  I ‘ve left wordpress….which I didn’t think it got better but Tumblr was introduced! I love it because it’s actually about that photographers PHOTOS! No fluff post…there are so many styles of photography and this allows you to follow the people you want…like twitter be a fan! I think I may just have change my style as well lol

playing with fireKyle Scully is one of the raddest photographers out there. This is his personal site, where he showcases some of his own photos.
kaliwirsch – A new one from the amazing photographer Jonas Kamm.
if you leave – Exceptionally beautiful images on this one. Curated by Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas.
show me pictures – Curated by Michael Sargeant.
sabino – Photos Sabino Aguad comes across during the day.
hope & anchor – Run by Hannah Myall and Steven Beckly.
samesies – Photos that might look the same, but aren’t. Curated by Alex Carman, Dave Geeting and Sophie Curtis.
fakirs & thieves – Another one from Kyle Scully. His friend Brendan also updates it with him. A nice selection of photographers on here.
happy accidentJennilee Marigomen posts a ton of great photos to this one.
l’oeil ailleurs – Good photographer selection, good interviews.
jessica fletcher – Curated by Alexis Mastroyiannis
not contentCherry Styles and Simon Marsham update this one. Full feature posts go up on the photographer, not just one image.
pistol & fur – Photos, photos, photos.
centirtis – Relatively new one on the scene but thought I would add it to the mix.

Finding and creating soft, flattering light for portraiture

What is “better light?” With portraits, softening or diffusing the light often is the best strategy. Photographing people on a sunny day will result in strong contrast and shadows on the subject. What are your options to soften the light? You could return on a different day with no harsh sunlight, or you could move the subject into some shade or window light, add diffused flash to overpower the sunlight, or pop out a reflector and fill in the shadows. Let’s explore ways to soften the light. Read More

Statement Video: White Bread vs. Wheat Bread

My statement video White Bread vs Wheat Bread!

PDNEDU Student Photo Contest 2011


Channel your inner Annie Leibovitz and give us some close-ups; self-portraits welcome.


From the prayer rituals of Tibetan monks to the local demise of a farming community, show us the issues,
people and events in your periphery.


A glowing bowl of edamame or your mother’s Tiffany lamp – if it’s stationary, it counts.


Spring break in Mexico, studies abroad in Australia and camping trips-we want to see where you’ve been.


Your chance to get all avant-garde on us – the offbeat, unique and beautiful work that doesn’t fit in the above categories.

PRE COLLEGE – Open Category

Ok, you’re getting up there, you’ve got what it takes, Show us your shots from any of the above categories
and prove it. Don’t worry, you’ll be judged against your peers.


New for 2011: Multimedia/Video:
Budding directors get moving and submit your best clips-the sky’s the limit-up to 20 minutes in length or 100 MB file size. 

Click here for more info